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Featured Project

Human Centered Design Approach

Being a UX team of one is no joke! I’ve been in that position more than once throughout my career as a full-time freelancer and as a company employee. I created a flexible human centered design approach early in my career and I’ve been using it ever since with minimal tweaks. 

Featured Project

Building Out a UX Discipline

Developing a UX discipline is a major challenge requiring organizational, structural, attitudinal, and cultural changes all the way from the top to the bottom of a company. It involves a lot of teaching and evangelizing, laying the groundwork for a UX team, hiring, structuring, and integrating the team into the processes and culture of the company. There is a lot of invisible work building out an entirely new department, and it can take a while for that work to become visible.

Featured Project

Media Deal Proposal System

The development team was tasked with creating a new version of the media deal proposal system, an application that at the time filtered roughly $4B in revenue for the company. We were bringing a 10-year-old desktop application up to date using HTML5 with the Angular framework. This was the first desktop app our department converted to the web and was built using the Human Centered Design Approach I created for our UX team.

Featured Project

Data Driven Advertising System in Latin America

After creating a successful proof of concept, the Data and Machine Learning Products group was formally tasked with creating an audience targeting product to enable the Latin American Ad Sales team to identify specific targets, create and manage campaigns, and optimize advertising schedules across all Latin American television networks. This browser-based application shortened the campaign workflow from 5-10 business days to a matter of hours.